Why we can all use Lean Six Sigma

When I teach Lean Six Sigma, I often hear people say: ‘’I haven’t used statistics or stats in a long time! Is Lean Six Sigma doable for me?’’ So, why use statistics in Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is about continuously improving, so you need to know how good or how bad you are. For this, you must use samples to say something about the big picture. That is basically what statistics is. So what kind of non-statisticians benefit from Lean Six Sigma?  My answer is many types. It provides a lot of the calculations with an assistant function, explaining what you are doing. So the answer to the question: ‘’is Lean Six Sigma something for me, without being a stats expert?’’ is yes. But, is Lean Six Sigma about stats? Regrettably, that’s an image problem. Lean Six Sigma is about continuous improvement and changing the way you do things. Statistics do not change behavior. So Lean Six Sigma is not just for statisticians, but for everyone who can create a change in behavior. Stats are just a tool. If you would ask me what the most important tool of Lean Six Sigma is, I can give you a comforting answer. Because we all have one: a brain!  

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